Guitar Lessons

Individual Lessons

Individual lessons are a great way to learn or refine your technical skills in a structured and supportive environment. At All Musical Aspects, we focus on your individual needs/goals and tailor lessons to develop your skills in these areas. Whether your interest is to be able to play cover songs, write your own music or play in a band, we can help you achieve your goal.

Some of the basic skills taught are:

  • Note and rhythm reading
  • Finger position for notes and chords
  • Scales (major, minor, pentatonic)
  • Strumming and Finger Picking techniques
  • Expression techniques (Accents, hammer-on, pull-offs, slides)

These skills are taught through practical and theoretical exercises in the lessons, and can be further strengthened through self-guided exercises between lessons. We provide the flexibility for students to learn songs of their choice or, we can develop their own compositions. With a working knowledge of the Queensland curriculum all lessons will be aligned to strengthen the student’s capability in the classroom. Additionally, Kristle has taught Senior Music for over eight years and can assist students in assessment work across Musicology, Composition and Performance.

Younger children

All Musical Aspects has developed structured and engaging lessons for children aged 5 and over. We use Kodaly methodology and teach a variety of Nursery rhymes and songs to develop children’s interest in guitar and music generally. Lessons are taught through a play based strategy where students sing and clap the piece before they play on guitar. Through this methodology children are engaged through multiple sensory elements which develops a deeper understanding of the piece and how to perform it.

Group lessons

Group lessons can be a more affordable way for students to develop their guitar skills. They also provide a great forum if the student likes to learn in a group setting. The lessons are focused more generally than individual lessons, however give the student the opportunity to practice playing in a band like environmental.

Group guitar lessons brisbane - All Musical Aspects
Group guitar lessons brisbane - All Musical Aspects
Group guitar lessons brisbane - All Musical Aspects
Group guitar lessons brisbane - All Musical Aspects
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