Online lessons

If your child would like to learn guitar, then you have come to the right place. This beginner program is specifically designed for students aged between 6 to 16. In this course, I teach children how to read music in all forms like notation and tab as well as accompany themselves on guitar through singing. I use Kodaly methodology which specifically exposes the learner to embody the music before they play on the guitar, meaning we clap the rhythm and sing the notes before we play. This course I have designed has been trialed in person for 15 years and I am confident your child will benefit from the years of experience I have to offer. Over 100 students have gone through this course and are now confident musicians able to participate and contribute within an ensemble and independently. Many have gone on to write and publish their own songs.

Students should step through the lessons one week at a time. They should allow 30 minutes to watch the lesson content and then dedicate 15 minutes per day for the week to revise all the concepts learnt in the lesson. This will enable the most chance of success.

To complete the course students will need the following:

– Guitar Method For Young Beginners Book 1: (Purchase from here)
– A classical guitar: I recommend a CS40 Yamaha classical guitar
– A Plectrum (Pick)

It is recommended that you move through the lessons in chronological order. Click on ‘Lesson 1 & 2’ below to get started.

The first two lessons are free and following this, lessons will be released in 5 lesson blocks and will cost $100 for 5 lessons. The 5 lesson blocks will be available for 90 days and students can review the content as much as they wish within that time period.

A User manual can be found here to help you if you get stuck. Or submit any queries through here